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Top 4 Tips for Writing Advertising Content to Help Your Business Rule the World

Joanne Troppello
March 21, 2019

We live in a digital age where the global digital population of approximately four billion people are constantly on their phones checking texts, reading emails, posting on social media, and scrolling through newsfeeds. In 2018, advertisers spent 37.2 percent of their digital advertising budget on Google and 19.6 percent on Facebook.

If you want your business to rule the world, you need to write advertising content that maximizes your exposure in the digital realm.  

Make Your Mark with the Right Advertising Content

Fall behind your competitors in the race to convert leads to sales or think more strategically. Consider implementing the following four tips when writing advertising copy.

1. Trigger Emotions

People make decisions based on logic and emotion. Get to know your target audience and create content that stirs an emotional response.  

Start by sharing content that triggers a reaction such as excitement, introspection, or curiosity; these emotions will most likely entice them to click on your links.

2. Showcase the Benefits

Write content that connects you on a deeper level with your target population by showcasing how your product or service will profit them. Talk up specific benefits so your product or service stands out, persuading potential buyers to click through to your link.

For example, if you own a marketing company that’s trying to reach new clients, showcase how tech-savvy you are and how clients will benefit from targeted exposure online and increased web traffic.

3. Create Desperation

Leads will convert to customers because you have a product or service so special they can’t miss out on the experience. Instill urgency with a limited sale or real-time online offer. When the person sees there’s a limited time deal, it will increase the chances of them converting from a lead to a sale.

4. Think Like Your Customers

Create advertising copy that speaks immediately to the customer’s end goal, which is finding a quality service or product at the best price. Balance the advertising copy with emotional triggers and benefits, but don’t forget to make the customer’s main goal your end result of the advertisement.

Show your customers that you are solving their problems and they will be more likely to click through to your website rather than your competition’s site.

Rule the business world by writing stellar advertising copy that gets noticed and gives you the results you want. Write emotionally triggering content that showcases the benefits of your product or service.

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