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Social Media Fails Brands Make in Facebook Copy

Melanie Green
March 25, 2019

Social media can be a key component of a company’s overall marketing strategy. It’s low-cost compared to other popular forms of marketing and can often deliver reliable results, especially for existing customers who want coupons and brand updates on a social media network they already use.

But just because social media can be effective doesn’t mean it will be.

There are some common social media fails that companies make, particularly with Facebook, that hurt their chances of succeeding. Here are some common fails to avoid.

Posting Article Links Without Copy

Posting an article about a topic related to your business and the interests of your customers is a great strategy for engaging customers. However, you shouldn’t post just the article link without any written social media copy. Highlighting key points and what the article is about is equally important when creating a brand voice. What are customers supposed to take away from the article? Why is the company sharing it?

Sharing Competitor Posts

In the quest to find highly sharable content, some companies actually share the posts of their competitors. When customers like a post or an article like this, they might decide that your competitor is a better fit for them. They may not have known about your competitor until you shared the post. Be careful to only share content that isn’t linked to competitor social media pages or websites.

Not Having a Call to Action

Just like with blog posts, it’s important that social media posts include calls to action that let readers know what to do next. If you share an interesting article, end the brief copy blurb with a sentence that starts with “learn more” or “read.” If you share more information about a product, let customers know clearly how to find more information or how to buy it.

Casual, Personal Updates

Sometimes smaller companies will overshare personal or otherwise casual updates on their social media account that aren’t professional and fail to serve their purpose. For instance, an automotive repair shop that shares posts like “We’re under the weather today” or “It’s cold out today” only highlights that the shop is a small operation without a proper social media strategy. Unless the customers will benefit or would want to know something, it isn’t worth sharing.

Avoiding Sales

You expect companies to use social media accounts to sell products. You might even follow certain social media pages to learn about new product releases and sales. However, if every social media post from a brand is a sales pitch, you’re likely to unfollow the company’s account.

Social media requires dedication, constant learning, and commitment. For companies, the payout can often be great. Avoid these social media fails to ensure that you get the highest levels of engagement, conversions, and sales possible.

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