Effective Ways to Deliver Brand Updates on Twitter

Melanie Green
March 29, 2019

While the majority of companies have Facebook pages, fewer have Twitter accounts. Of those that have Twitter accounts, a small number utilize Twitter effectively to deliver brand updates and keep followers actively engaged.

Here are some ways that your company can utilize Twitter to create brand updates that enhance your company’s online presence.

Link to Press Releases

Press releases are an inexpensive way to let the world know about a new product launch, website update, or other key moment. (Plus, there are lots of reasons to write a press release that can generate more traffic to your business’s website). While press releases can help create new search engine results and interest the media, customers may not have access to them. Sharing a link to a press release on Twitter can let regular customers know about important news.

Share a Screen Capture

Twitter’s annoying character limits mean that it’s more difficult to share longer posts on Twitter. Some users go around this limit by writing something longer in their phone’s notes app and taking a screenshot of the longer message to share as a picture on Twitter. This could work as a strategy for companies that have really connected with their customer base on Twitter and want to get the word out this way.

Get the Word Out About Blog Posts

Sharing blog posts on Twitter should be a part of your regular blog post distribution process. After you finish writing a blog post, share it on all your company’s social media networks, including Twitter and Facebook. It’s content that leads followers back to your company’s website, which will increase traffic to the site and potentially lead to sales.

Retweet Positive Media Coverage

Whether your company was featured on another Twitter user’s tweets or received a local award,  sharing positive press coverage or industry recognition can help create buzz about your company and offer some validation to new customers. Since customers only want to buy from companies they can trust, this third-party feedback can be instrumental in getting new customers to take a chance on your business.

Give Teasers

Launching a new product? Making a massive change to your company’s website? You can use short hints on Twitter to announce something big. Just make sure you only have a handful of hints over a relatively short period of time to drive interest. Think about the success of the Masked Singer or corporate campaigns that release teaser photos before a big launch.

The key to getting results from Twitter is to post frequently. This means always posting high-quality content, even if your company doesn’t post every day. Writing a good social media post isn’t quantum psychics. It’s a skill that you can learn how to do.

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