Become a Better Advertising Copywriter with These Five Exercises

Joanne Troppello
April 25, 2019

Mediocre copy written without any strategy for conversion is essentially a crapshoot for business. In contrast, high quality advertising content gets results. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 85 percent of marketers found better success over the last year due to superior content creation that rendered action from readers.

Writing advertising copy that converts doesn’t have to be difficult if you implement your own strategy into the process. You can become a better advertising copywriter by using the following five exercises to increase inspiration and build your skills.

Collect Quality Advertising Content

If you don’t have a physical or digital “swipe file,” then you need to start one and begin collecting ads that captured your attention. You know, the type of copy that clicks with you.

If you followed the call to action in the ad, then it worked, so collect this content for future inspiration. It’s worthwhile to keep advertisements in your files now so you can fuel your creative juices later.

Rewrite Current Advertising Content

This may seem like a waste of time, but it isn’t. Go on a reconnaissance mission to find out what the major brands are doing to advertise their products.

When you find ads that work, rewrite them to see if you can make them any better. Find ads that don’t make you want to jump at the CTA and figure out how you could make them more enticing. 

Think Like a Customer

Advertising copy that works focuses on the customer benefits and doesn’t simply list all the great features. Sure, the customer needs to know about the product, but they’ll be more likely to buy it if your advertising copy successfully shows how the product will benefit their life.

Look at products you use every day and practice creating ad content that focuses on the benefits you’ve experienced.

Write Out Advertisements

Think about digital and print advertisements that make you want to buy a product. Find the specific content or something extremely similar and write or type out the copy.

It should be noted that this is only for the purpose of personal development as a copywriter. You want to discard this content after reviewing it so you don’t accidentally plagiarize the copy at some point in the future.

Writing information down can improve the way you remember things and help you learn a new skill. By copying the great ad content during this exercise, you can improve the way your brain processes that copy—and you’ll train yourself to understand what good copy looks like.

Read Ad Content to Yourself

Now, if you’ve been a copywriter for a while, you’ve probably been reading your work out loud to make sure it reads well in a conversational tone. If you haven’t, you need to start.

This is particularly true when it comes to advertising copy, which is meant to quickly capture the reader or viewer’s attention. Proofread your copy by reading it out loud and you can more easily find errors and make necessary changes.

The adage practice makes perfect is true. The more time you spend practicing your skills as an advertising copywriter, the better you’ll become. Start collecting quality content and begin rewriting ads that you see each day.

Remember to focus on the benefits, not the features. Find great copy and write it out and make sure you always read your work out loud.

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